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Image by Nick Adams

The HALCON Marketing team consists of branding and marketing experts with extensive experience working with various companies, large and small, from national brands to solopreneurs.

This portfolio is a small sample from a large body of work completed over 60+ years of combined experience in professional design and illustration and brand and marketing strategy.

We would be happy to provide more samples or professional references to showcase our talents, values, attention to detail, and work ethic.

Halcon_Country__Doggie_ Macbook Scene .jpg

Country Doggie

Extended Branding + Instagram Bootcamp + Copywriting + WordPress Design & Development

HALCON refreshed the business' branding and rebuilt the Country Doggie website to reflect the playfulness, care, and professionalism that Country Doggie offers to their customers. The HALCON team also trained the Country Doggie staff on how to present the brand in the social space.

Congruence Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing + Content Marketing

We manage CTS' marketing, outreach, and engagement on LinkedIn to supply them with a steady pipeline of leads and a constant source of engagement. Additionally, we craft compelling blog content to solidify CTS as experts and bring new insights to the professionals and companies they serve.

Congruence Talent Solutions_Halcon.png

Dr. Alethea

Brand Development + Website Design + Social Media + Monthly Marketing + Strategy

From the creation of three custom code websites to social media strategies, email marketing campaigns, online program creation, and improvements to patient experience - HALCON has loved utilizing our creativity to support every aspect of Dr. Alethea’s marketing efforts. 

Lauren Zimski MD

Brand Development + Website Design + Social Media + Monthly Marketing + Strategy

Dr. Zimski partnered with HALCON with the aim of building a strong brand for her new practice and establishing herself as the premier dry eye specialist in Denver. Our collaboration spanned several months, during which our team researched and analyzed the market and target audience, defined brand positioning, crafted strategic messaging, and developed a cohesive visual identity, laying a solid foundation for her brand.

Victorian Gardens Senior Living.webp

Victorian Gardens

Website Design and Development +
Monthly Marketing

HALCON refreshed and rebuilt their website to more fully embody the youthful and fun spirit of Victorian Gardens. We also tap into a variety of marketing tactics on a monthly basis, including digital advertising, SEO and social media to help Victorian Gardens reach their target audience.

Red Oak Valley

Social Media Strategy + Graphic Design + Website Design & Development

We gave Red Oak Valley and its portfolio of event venues a complete digital refresh by bringing strategy, a cohesive and branded design to their social accounts, and a website with two (eventually three!) micro-sites to streamline the user experience and breathe life into each venue brand.

ROV website.png

Dr. Jason Wibbenmeyer

Brand Development + Website Design and Development

Our intentional branding and custom-coded website design fully encapsulates the passion and values of Dr. Wibbenmeyer, displaying the life-changing power of root cause/functional medicine.

Creative Science

Brand Strategy + Website

With the new target audience identified and renewed product positioning and messaging completed, HALCON refreshed and rebuilt the Creative Science website to engage both pet and livestock owners and veterinary professionals.


American Board of Orthodontics

Brand Development + Marketing Strategy

As the ABO approached its centennial anniversary, it sought to revitalize its brand and reaffirm its position as the gold standard of orthodontic care in the modern orthodontic landscape. Through focus groups, competitor analysis, and industry research, HALCON gleaned insights into the current state of the ABO relative to its diverse stakeholder perceptions and the greater industry climate.


Ganim Orthodontics

Branding + Graphic Design

Halcon helped launch Ganim Orthodontics and usher in a new location with buttoned branding. Our team created the brand guide, logo, and color palette and developed collateral that focused on the practice's focus on customer service and in-office experiences. Take a look at what we created. 

Therapeutic Playtime

Branding + Website Design and Development

Therapeutic Playtime is a staple in St. Louis. Paying homage to their original logo, Halcon gave them a modern and clean logo paired with a welcoming and user-friendly website to match the exceptional therapy services of this center. See the before and after!  


Bruntrager & Billings

Brand Development Program

A nationally recognized law firm known for their high-profile cases, Bruntrager & Billings turned to Halcon to be their outsourced marketing department. From brand development to social media strategy to PPC and website design, Halcon has been proud to help transform this sought-after business into an established brand. 


Brand Development Program + Brand Design + Website Design & Development

The HALCON team conducted an in-depth audit of UnabridgedMD through industry research and stakeholder interviews and utilized these insights to build a comprehensive, targeted brand book. We also refined the existing brand assets to a more polished visual aesthetic that manifested into a fully customized, branded website.


Abundant Health Chiropractic

Website Design and Development + SEO + Monthly Marketing

From creating strategic marketing plans to social media management, email marketing, blogging, and SEO, HALCON tapped into several tactics to help Abundant Health grow the practice.

The London Tea Merchant

Brand Development + Brand Design +
Marketing Strategy + Monthly Marketing
(Coming soon: Website Design)

Utilizing the insights from the brand guide, our team created and launched a 2024 marketing plan including an overhauled social media strategy, branded photo and video shoots, and a new email campaign to gain, nurture, and track brand awareness, leads, and conversions.


The Emerald Hound

Brand Strategy, Website Copywriting, Design and Custom Development, Social Media Strategy and Management, Marketing Strategy, Content Creation

From creating a brand guide, social media, and email marketing strategy to managing Instagram and Pinterest, we tapped into a variety of tactics to bring their hand-drawn pet portraits to the masses. 

Sarah Buehner

Brand Development Program

Sarah Buehner, a St. Louis-based Business Growth Specialist, was in search of experienced brand experts to give her logo and brand a facelift. Through our brand development process, we created a brand strategy, core messaging, new logos, and color palette complete with a comprehensive brand book. 

HALCON Marketing brand design_Sarah Buehner.png

Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop

Brand Strategy + Extended Branding

We elevated this beloved coffee and garden shop from a business to a bonafide brand with a comprehensive brand strategy and expanded visual expression.

Blue Day 2

Brand Development Program + Website

Brand messaging strategy paired with an impactful visual expression resulted in an intentionally-designed website reflecting the brand's key differentiators and clean design aesthetic.

NCPPC Mockup 03.png

North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council, Inc.

Website Design & Development (NCPPC) 
Branding & Messaging (True North)

NCPPC needed a website with a smooth user experience, clear brand story and custom functionalities for employees and community residents. Additionally, they needed a new name, branding and core messaging for a new, nationwide program.

Pinnacle Property Concierge Services

Brand Development Program + Website

Premium services need luxe and thoughtfully written and designed brand and marketing assets. From brand messaging, logo, and collateral design to copywriting and website development, we encapsulated a luxe yet welcoming vibe for this new brand, servicing Florida homeowners and renters.


Pinnacle Property Concierge Services

Brand Development Program + Website

Premium services need luxe and thoughtfully written and designed brand and marketing assets. From brand messaging, logo, and collateral design to copywriting and website development, we encapsulated a luxe yet welcoming vibe for this new brand, servicing Florida homeowners and renters.


Hunny Nanny Agency

Branding + Social Media Playbook 

We tapped into the power of social media for this Cincinnati-based agency by creating a customized social media strategy with complimentary graphics.

Meta Paid Advertising

Social Media Advertising 

The client needed monthly Meta ad campaigns developed to promote their fitness center membership offers and youth classes  at various locations throughout the country. HALCON was tasked with optimizing copy, graphics, the target audience, and budget to maximize results month over month.


Eureka Run Club

Branding + Design

Eureka Run Club sought visual branding that embodied an approachable and community-focused ethos, emphasizing inclusivity and local engagement.

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