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American Board 
of Orthodontics

Brand Development + Marketing Strategy

The Client

American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) was founded in 1929, nearing a century of commitment to standardized excellence in the field of orthodontics. Through a rigorous examination process, orthodontists can achieve board-certification, illustrating mastery of their craft and a commitment to providing the highest quality of orthodontic care.


The ABO seeks to advance growth, health, and excellence in orthodontics through advocacy, alliance, and education.

The Project

As the ABO approached its centennial anniversary, it sought to revitalize its brand and reaffirm its position as the gold standard of orthodontic care in the modern orthodontic landscape. 


Through focus groups, competitor analysis, and industry research, HALCON gleaned insights into the current state of the ABO relative to its diverse stakeholder perceptions and the greater industry climate. Weeks of research and analysis yielded a strategic brand strategy that resonated with its audience and positioned them as the leading authority in orthodontic excellence, solidifying their role as a pioneer in the field.

Halcon__ABO_Case-study-mockup (2).png

The Results

A comprehensive brand strategy backed by meticulous research and tailored messaging, including:

  • Actionable Focus Group Report

  • Competitor & Audience Analysis

  • Positioning Statement & Analysis

  • Mission, Vision & Purpose Statement

  • Audience-Specific Core Messaging

  • Audience Journey & Brand Story

  • (4) Marketing Campaigns with Targetable Objectives

  • (1) Annual Marketing Timeline

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