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Take it from Forbes:

"Business and revenue growth depends on scaling up with the right people in the right positions, all while working toward the same goal. You want what’s best for your business. And you want anyone who’s in partnership with you to have the same mentality. This is the attitude to start with when you’re looking to hire a marketing agency."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer monthly or ongoing contracts?

We tailor our services to the needs of our clients and offer a variety of ways to work with us. We offer one-time or monthly recurring contracts depending on the project. Our monthly marketing contracts are month-to-month and require no long-term commitment.

What kind of marketing efforts do you
specialize in?

We intentionally staff our team with individuals who are highly specialized in specific marketing niches. This allows us to offer customized, expert-level services to fit the needs of every client. By curating a team of niched experts, Halcon can provide you with highly-targeted marketing services that effectively move the needle for your business in less time. Our carefully curated team of experts allows us to provide strategic marketing executed with pin-point accuracy. To see a list of services we offer, please visit our services page.

Do you have a portfolio or samples of your past campaigns or client work?

At HALCON, we pour our heart and soul into every project and are proud of our past performance! Our team has decades of marketing experience with a rich portfolio of work available on our portfolio page. The list of projects featured is merely an amuse-bouche. If you’re looking for something specific, we have more work available upon request. 

What is video marketing and why do I need it?

With the arrival of Tik-Tok and platforms such as Instagram and Facebook increasingly favoring video content within their algorithms, it’s no secret that video has become a critical element in modern marketing. At HALCON, we provide key insights into the climate of the current marketing industry and can lead your video project from concept to creation, allowing your brand to stand out amidst the noise.

How do you measure the results of your marketing efforts?

The measurement of your marketing efforts is just as important as the strategy behind the campaign. Our method of marketing begins with thoroughly researching and strategizing the most effective marketing campaigns and identifying key performance metrics that will move the needle for your organization. Campaigns are monitored through a continuous in-depth analysis of the outlined key performance metrics and changes are made routinely to achieve optimal results.

Who is responsible for creating the content your agency provides?

We have an amazing core team that creates a lot of our client content in-house, many who have been with us since our infancy! We also have a small, highly-specialized team of freelancers who work on select projects. All client projects are managed in-house by a full-time, core team member with a commitment to excellence and a seamless process.  

How much involvement is required from the business?

We offer flexibility in our service packages, so you can be involved as much or as little as you wish. We love working with our clients in tandem and providing them with the tools and strategy they need to make their marketing dreams a reality, and we also love taking everything off our client’s hands to executing strategy for them so they can focus on what they truly love. The choice is yours!

Does my business really need digital marketing?

We get asked this question a lot. And our answer is “Yes! But not in the way you think.” There are a lot of digital marketing tactics out there, and some agencies may want to sell you on ALL of them, but we truly believe that you don’t have to show in every space. Digital marketing is all about finding where your target audience is, and establishing connections with them in that space. When executed strategically, digital marketing can increase awareness, grow your reach, and build trust in the market.

What is your expertise and experience in marketing?

We are blessed to have a team with a rich history of experience across an array of industries. We’ve done everything from packaging design for the food industry to video production for the entertainment industry. From email nurture campaigns to experiential marketing events, we’re here to help you with all of your marketing needs.

What is your pricing model or how do you charge for services?

Our service packages can be customized to fit a variety of budgets. Our goal as marketing and brand experts is to listen to your business objectives and challenges and create a marketing plan that helps you achieve those specific goals, while staying under budget. We are creative with our custom solutions. We also offer payment plans for one-time projects as we understand how scary it can be to pay one lump sum!

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