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Our Team

Diverse in our experience, we’ve worked with organizations across various industries, from pharmaceuticals and logistics to retail and medical care.



Nicole Powell

Founder + Lead Strategist

Having been on the client and agency side of the business, I started this company to change the narrative regarding marketing agency culture and client/agency collaboration. Our team's mantra is "Be kind and fair, and always do your best with the best intentions." ⁠This mantra is not for show. It is an attitude we embody and practice daily. ⁠

Jessi Turner

Jr. Brand Strategist

Jessi Turner is a Junior Brand Strategist with a strong background in operations, data analysis, and business strategy. Her expertise includes brand creation, brand strategy, copywriting, graphic and web design, and social media content. As she continues to drive impactful brand experiences, Jessi remains dedicated to elevating brands to new heights and helping them create lasting, meaningful connections with target audiences. Jessi holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Saint Louis University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Digital Media from Greenville University, along with certifications in Integrated Supply Chain Management and Global Operations and Leadership, both from Saint Louis University.


Jane Campbell

Digital Strategist

Jane Campbell is an experienced Digital Strategist who loves helping brands amplify their voices online. She is skilled in developing engaging content and transforming long-form material into captivating micro-content for various platforms. With a background in radio and event management, Jane is able to create campaigns that go beyond social media, engaging your target audience in person, on air, or in their inbox. Jane has a BA in Business and Politics from the University of Puget Sound.

Amanda Erzinger

Marketing Manager

Amanda Erzinger is a creative Marketing Manager who's all about blending numbers and imagination. With a background in both marketing and accounting, she's a master at understanding how data impacts success. Thanks to her own previous coffee business, Amanda gets the hustle of small ventures, knowing just what it takes to stand out. She's not afraid to take calculated risks, and her strategic prowess shines through in everything she does. From metric reporting, social media strategies, blogs, graphic design, to her super organizational skills, Amanda's got you covered.


Emily Congdon

Creative Director

Emily Congdon is a seasoned designer with an expert-level command of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. She excels at crafting impactful visuals that resonate across various platforms. Her experience encompasses brand strategy, art direction for both photo and video shoots, storyboarding, ideation, and illustration. Holding a B.F.A. in Graphic Design with minors in Advertising/Marketing and Psychology from Webster University, Emily’s professional journey has spanned diverse industries. Her portfolio includes achievements like elevating design standards and directing photoshoots for Centene’s family of brands and creating compelling brand visuals for businesses like Ella & Ollie Popcorn and The London Tea Room. As a Creative Director, Emily’s commitment to innovation shines as she meticulously curates brand visuals that authentically capture company values and personalities.

Renae Golden

Digital Strategist

Renae Golden is a Digital Strategist who specializes in creating cohesive and thoughtful brand content to share through social media, blogs, websites, and email marketing. From strategy development to execution, Renae loves working with entrepreneurs to create strong brand identities and translate them into meaningful marketing messages.


Emily Weaver

Marketing Strategist

Emily Weaver is a versatile Marketing Strategist with extensive agency experience, crafting strategies across traditional and digital marketing platforms. She is passionate about creating engaging narratives and connecting brands with their audiences. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Emily thrives on transforming ideas into impactful content through her expertise in brand messaging, design, digital copywriting, and SEO. With eight years of professional experience, her dedication to storytelling and her design background allow her to provide comprehensive marketing strategies to clients. Emily has a BA in Marketing and Advertising Communications from Webster University.

Jenny Lang

Pinterest Specialist

Jenny is a Pinterest Strategist who helps clients increase their website traffic, visibility, and audience with Pinterest marketing using data-driven strategies. Jenny has worked as a scientist for the last decade, and has learned to love numbers and analyzing the data that drives our world. She enjoys trying different strategies to grow your business on Pinterest just like testing a hypothesis until you get it right. Let's master the science of Pinterest! 


Hiren Sanghvi

Development & SEO Specialist

Hiren Sanghvi is a comprehensive problem solver who can analyze and solve complex issues. He is highly creative in his approach. Hiren has developed 300+ websites, 30+ mobile apps and 100+ SEOs on various technologies like Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Kajabi, Thinkific, Android & iOS Apps, he is proactive and experienced, bringing aa positive attitude to every project.

Kasey Leeders

Video Producer

Kasey has an MBA with a focus in Global Communications and 8+ years of experience in video editing and content creation. She currently works full time for ARCO Construction and enjoys telling a unique brand story in every video she creates. She has freelanced with HALCON over the past 5 years.


Pooja Arshanapally

Content Strategist

From an early age, Pooja recognized the incredible value of knowledge—it opens doors to endless opportunities. As she matured, her passion for empowering businesses through education and content deepened as she witnessed the transformative power of content, particularly in books, as an accessible gateway to knowledge. She believes in optimizing existing content to maximize its potential across various platforms, streamlining the sales process, and expanding its reach.

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