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Image by Jay Mantri

Nicole Powell

From Manila to the Midwest, Nicole's personal and professional "awakenings" have contributed to the birth of HALCON. She decided to venture out on her own and help fellow entrepreneurs grow their brands and reach their target audiences. She is determined to use her skills to uplift others, plain and simple. She has been mentored by some of the best in the industry, and she's looking to "pay it forward."


Diverse Background. Fresh Perspective.

About Our Founder


Our Roots


Manila, Philippines

Nicole was born an ocean away in Manila. At the age of six years old, Nicole moved to America bringing along amazing memories obtained from living in a unique country with an amazing culture.


Bronx, New York

Nicole had to learn how to adapt to a brand new country, which was very  challenging and eye-opening. She credits her ability to connect with a variety of different audiences to her experiences growing up in such an ethnically and culturally diverse city as the Bronx.


New Jersey

While attending college at Rutgers University, Nicole interned at major networks such as ABC, FOX and MTV. She even lived and worked in Washington D.C for a summer planning and executing events with U.S. Senators, Congressman, Newscasters and Government Officials.


New York City

After college, Nicole landed a job at MTV producing TV & web content. She got the marketing bug after working with several marketing colleagues at the Video Music Awards and she quickly (and excitedly) took a position in Integrated Marketing for Spike TV, working for clients like Diageo, Activision and Miller Coors.


Los Angeles & San Francisco

As a Freelancer, she gained valuable experience working on unique projects. As she enjoyed the CA sun and surf, she was a consultant for the Global Marketing Group at Warner Brothers Studios, an Event Marketing Manager for Nickelodeon and more.


New York City

Nicole came back to NYC with a role at Disney/ESPN developing experiential marketing campaigns catering to cable and digital media executives. She ended her short time back in NYC creating small- and large-scale campaigns for FOX, FX, FOX Sports and National Geographic Channel.


St. Louis, MO

A once-in-a-lifetime job offer for Nicole's husband took them to the Midwest. She continued her marketing career at a local agency serving clients like Frontier and Wild Turkey. She eventually brought her expertise to the world of Property Management helping two local properties reach their target audience.

Birth of Halcon

Her experience working for smaller businesses has reawakened Nicole's love of helping others using the power of marketing. For this reason, she decided to venture out on her own and "do marketing" her way.

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