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Brands built from market research, neuroscience insights
and inimitable, creative talent


What is neuromarketing?

“Neuromarketing” loosely refers to the measurement of physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions. Its most common methods are brain scanning, which measures neural activity, and physiological tracking, which measures eye movement and other proxies for that activity (Harvard Business Review).

Basically, neuromarketing is where neuroscience meets marketing and unveils the relationship between brands and the brain.


Statistics to share:

95% of all cognition, all the thinking that drives our decisions and behaviors, occurs unconsciously—and that includes consumer decisions.
(Harvard Business Review)

At HALCON, we build brands by conceptualizing campaigns that bridge the gap between the brain and behavior, tapping into neuroscience to understand how the subconscious mind helps consumers make decisions.


What does a Neuromarketing Certification involve?
Why is it important?

Our founder, Nicole Powell, completed the Neuromarketing Certification taught by Professor Prince Ghuman and Dr. Matt Johnson, the authors of the consumer behavior book, "Blindsight: The (Mostly) Hidden Ways Marketing Reshapes Our Brains."


The coursework focused on the intricate nuances of the human brain and anatomy, with a particular focus on how these insights can be practically applied in marketing. The first part of the course delved deep into the complexities of the brain, providing a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive processes that influence consumer behavior. Dr. Matt Johnson is a neuroscientist who navigated the intricacies of neural pathways, decision-making mechanisms, and the subconscious factors that play a pivotal role in shaping our responses to marketing stimuli.


In the second part of the coursework, the focus shifted towards the practical application of this knowledge in marketing. From real-world examples and case studies, Professor Ghuman demonstrated how businesses can leverage the hidden ways our brains respond to marketing strategies. It was an exploration of how insights from cognitive psychology can be harnessed to create more effective and resonant marketing campaigns.


To get certified, Nicole had to pass several exams on each core section and topic.


As an aside, Nicole also writes for the New Neuromarketing blog, which was created by Unravel Research, a Neuromarketing Research Agency that conducts neuromarketing research for huge brands, giving HALCON access to comprehensive studies and research that we apply to our strategies.

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Meet Amy, HALCON's resident neuroscientist

At our cutting-edge marketing agency, we're not just following trends; we're pioneering them. That's why we've brought onboard Amy Belfi, a neuroscientist and Associate Professor, to revolutionize our approach to campaigns. With expert insights into the inner workings of the brain, we delve deep into the psychology of consumer behavior, employing the latest neuromarketing techniques to craft campaigns that leave a lasting impression. With our neuroscientist leading the charge, our clients can expect nothing less than groundbreaking strategies that captivate minds and drive results.

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