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Image by Nick Adams

Eureka Run Club

Branding + Design

The Client

The Project

HALCON had the challenge of creating a visual brand that was both approachable and community-focused, deeply reflecting the charm and spirit of the local Eureka area. The goal was to use warm, inviting colors and friendly typography to attract members passionate about running and proud of their local town.


The Results

The results of the Eureka Run Club's branding project were highly successful, culminating in a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity. The primary logo, featuring elements that captured Eureka's iconic trails and natural beauty, became a symbol of community pride. A secondary logo provided versatility for various applications, ensuring consistent brand representation. Custom icons and a unique brand pattern added depth and texture to the visual identity, enhancing the club's marketing materials and merchandise. The new branding effectively conveyed approachability and inclusivity, strengthening the club's connection to the local community and attracting new members who shared a love for running and a sense of local pride.

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