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The North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council, Inc.

Website Design & Development

The Client

NCPPC is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening maternal and family health by identifying service needs and improving access to care for every woman, child, and family.

The Project

NCPPC needed a website that was clear, concise, and thoughtfully displayed the mission and impact of the organization. Additionally, it needed custom functionalities and a password protected portal built specifically for employees.


Meanwhile, the leadership team at NCPPC reached out to HALCON to assist with a new national program focused on comprehensive sexual education for rural communities. They needed a program name, brand strategy, branding, and marketing collateral that would effectively display the value and benefits of their new program. The HALCON Team conceptualized True North providing the NCPPC team with a memorable brand with symbolic significance.

NCPPC Mockup 03.png

The Results

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 9.31.13 PM.png
Browse the entire site here.
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True North Program

Branding + Brand Strategy

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