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Lauren Zimski

Brand Development + Marketing Strategy
Website Design & Development + Brand Photography

The Client

During her years practicing as an experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Zimski recognized a critical gap in the treatment of dry eye in the industry. Dissatisfied with the limitations and lackluster results of industry-standard treatments, Dr. Zimski set out on a mission to revolutionize dry eye care in Denver by establishing her own practice where she brings the latest in dry eye solutions and a more effective and comfortable treatment for patients.

The Project

Dr. Zimski partnered with HALCON with the aim of building a strong brand for her new practice and establishing herself as the premier dry eye specialist in Denver. Our collaboration spanned several months, during which our team researched and analyzed the market and target audience, defined brand positioning, crafted strategic messaging, and developed a cohesive visual identity, laying a solid foundation for her brand.


With the brand firmly established, we designed and launched a user-friendly website along with a suite of collateral materials to reinforce the brand and generate more patient referrals, furthering Dr. Zimski's reputation as a top-tier dry eye specialist and enhancing her visibility and credibility within the Denver community.


The Results

A comprehensive, unique brand strategy built upon a foundation of meticulous research and stakeholder insights:

  • Competitor & Audience Analysis

  • Positioning Statement & Analysis

  • Mission, Vision & Purpose Statement

  • Audience-Specific Core Messaging

  • Audience Journey & Brand Story

  • Complete Visual Branding Suite & Style Guide (Logos, Icons, Colors, Fonts, Style Guidelines)


A website launch that:

  • Effectively communicates the Lauren Zimski brand, differentiators, and services

  • Simplified user navigation for easier access to key information and CTAs

  • Incorporated a consistent, cohesive color palette for instant brand recognition

  • Educated on the common causes and symptoms associated with dry eye

  • Incorporated mission and organizational values that build loyalty and trust with target audiences

  • Clearly communicated the benefits and differentiators of a dry eye specialist vs generalized ophthalmology.



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