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Image by Nick Adams

Meta Ad Work

Paid Social Media Advertising

The Client

HALCON Marketing Solutions was brought on to produce digital ads for a client in the community center space with an emphasis on their youth and fitness programs.

The Project

The client needed monthly Meta ad campaigns developed to promote their fitness center membership offers and youth classes  at various locations throughout the country. HALCON was tasked with optimizing copy, graphics, the target audience, and budget to maximize results month over month. Form fills had previously been utilized by the paid digital team, but have been unavailable due to security concerns. The big ask: 


How could HALCON maximize membership numbers without this tool?

Pilates Practice on a Reformer

The Results

HALCON worked with the client to identify their ideal audience and reworked the targeting criteria to optimize our ads. 


During the period HALCON has been working on the account, we’ve seen the following results - 


Youth Programs:

  • 9.3% decrease in Cost per Landing Page View

  • 201.1% increase in Landing Page Views

  • 181.7% increase in Clicks

  • 317.8% increase in Impressions


Fitness Programs:

  • 45.4% decrease in Cost Per Landing

  • 245.7% increase in Landing Page Views

  • 89.9% increase in Clicks

  • 35,070% increase in impressions

  • 750% increase in conversions (in combination with Google Ads)

  • 83% decrease in cost per acquisition year-over-year after the elimination of form fills

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