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The Secret Ingredients to Grow a Healthy Brand

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Creating Connection Through Customer Service

Updated: May 29, 2023

The world of customer service has taken an amazing shift over the past year or so with a strong focus on creating loyal, authentic, and meaningful client relationships.

Customer service is more important than ever during this turbulent economic time. People are craving connection and a sense of normalcy.

As a business, how can you stay connected with your customers and continue serving them amazing value? Here are some key ways you can prioritize customer service in every aspect of your business.

1. Leverage every touchpoint

Make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to make a good impression. According to an article by Bitly, “48% of consumers say that the most critical time to earn their loyalty is when they first make a purchase or start a service.” Treat every interaction with your customers as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship.

2. Go the extra mile online

When someone takes the time to comment on your social media post, respond with the person’s name and not just their handle. Shoot them a DM and thank them for their consistent engagement with your Facebook or Instagram page. Nurture and intentionally create your online community, and your business will grow. It’s the small things that can be most impactful!

3. Personalize communications

Get to know your potential and current clients like you are going to be on the Dating Game together. You should be in-tune and in-sync! Working together should be a true partnership with respect, trust, and value. Use your client’s name as much as possible, personalize their emails, and make them understand that you think of them as an individual. Try to make each touchpoint for your client feel like it is designed specifically for them.

4. Be invested in your customer’s needs and business

Your customer’s success is your success. Don’t just invest in your client’s business ventures, but celebrate the everyday things in their lives that are important to them.

5. Make your team your family and that “love” will trickle down

The people you surround yourself the workplace with should be like a second family. When everyone is feeling that love and support, that trickles down to your clients. Recognizing and playing to your team’s strengths and passions will lead to happy clients who love working with you.

6. Reward loyalty

If your business isn’t conducive to a traditional loyalty program, create a budget to send little gifts to your clients. Did they hit a big goal or milestone? Send them something nice to commemorate the win. Having a strong customer service model will not only result in a higher conversion rate but also a higher retention rate. Don’t just focus on new customers, take the time to show your current clients how much you value them.

7. Ask for feedback

You will never grow or understand where growth and change need to happen without feedback. Invite clients to let you know what they enjoy and what they would like to see work differently.

8. Manage expectations

Your customer’s journey should be transparent. Clearly explain your processes and what it will be like working with your company. By managing expectations upfront, no one will feel left in the dark.

At Halcon, we believe in strong customer service and a personalized model in order to support the needs of our clients. We take the necessary time to really get to know and understand our clients’ businesses in order to serve them best. We strive to set the highest standard for customer service and client relations by creating a memorable, authentic, and personalized experience for each and every person.

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Nicole Powell

Meet Nicole Powell, an expert whose journey spans from Manila to the Midwest, helping businesses transform into profitable and brag-worthy brands with research, creativity and neuroscience. With a determination to uplift fellow entrepreneurs, Nicole draws from her experience and mentorships with industry leaders for the past 15+ years. Her mission is clear: pay it forward, sharing the knowledge and skills she's acquired to empower others.

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