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The Secret Ingredients to Grow a Healthy Brand

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7 Tips to Help Your Social Media Start Performing Again

Updated: May 29, 2023

Is social media not working for your business anymore? With constant algorithm changes, ever-changing features, shadowbanning, low engagement, and a million other things, it’s easy to feel like it’s time to give up. But before you decide to quit social media, here are a few things you should consider…

Make sure your focus is on people.

Social media is a way to connect to people - but make sure the emphasis is on your people. Social media is most effective when you hone in on your ideal clients, speaking to their pain points and how your expertise can benefit them. Low engagement indicates that your content is not reaching your ideal audience, and it’s time to reevaluate your content strategy. Part of your focus on people should include you interacting with your audience. People on social media want to engage with people and brands that make an effort to connect with them. You can connect with people by commenting on others’ posts, responding to comments on your social media, sharing others’ content, and more. Show up genuinely on social media and use your platforms to strengthen your connections with others.

Look at the data.

The data is not going to lie. Pull up your analytics and dig into what that data is telling you. Have you lost followers? Have you had an increased reach? What was the most popular content that you posted in the last year? Use this data to help guide what the trends are for your business and the areas that could use improvement. Take your most popular social media post, for example (it doesn’t matter what platform), and try and replicate those results. Was the one photo you posted of you at a coffee shop your best post? Did your caption connect to your audience? Figure out what resonates with your audience, and do more of that.

Stay consistent.

If you are the type of business owner that only posts sporadically and with no strategy, you may be hurting your social media presence. Consistency is key. Have a strategy and STICK TO IT. Avoid spreading yourself too thin by trying to be on multiple platforms. If you plan to post three times a week, FANTASTIC! Only one post a week is GREAT! But avoid posting every day for a month and then ghosting your followers for 7 months. Create a plan that works for your schedule, your budget, and your audience. Whatever you decide to do, stick to your plan.

Repurpose Content.

If staying consistent is difficult for you, try to make it easier by recycling content. By this, we mean to turn that blog that got a lot of views into a few social media posts, a couple of stories, pin it on Pinterest, etc. You get the idea. Don’t pressure yourself to have the BEST and the BRIGHTEST ideas every day. Old content can still be excellent content. Update an old post with a new image or pick a new tip from the same blog to feature on your feed. You’ll have your content created in a snap!

Be willing to adapt.

Sometimes growing your business on social media means you will have to learn a few new tricks. We all know short-form video content is the hottest thing on social media nowadays. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok all thrive on these minute-ish long clips. It is time to get on board and learn how to get video content created. You may need to get over your fear of talking on your stories, introducing yourself in a post, or learning how to use hashtags. When you incorporate these tactics it can give your content a serious boost. Whatever you know you need to be doing, it’s time to adapt to make your social media perform better. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either to a business coach or your audience, to learn what content will drive your engagement and continue to grow your business.

Take a look at your branding.

If you look at what you are doing on social media, does it look like you have 12 different people posting for you? If your social media lacks consistency (see, there’s that word again) with language, colors, and fonts, it’s time to audit your branding. A great brand design should tell the story of your business with the language you use, the colors you choose, and the audience you communicate with. A brand strategy streamlines processes, nurtures clients, and creates consistency with your content.

Celebrate your wins.

There’s a good chance you are like us and tend to compare yourself to brands doing it “better.” Constantly measuring yourself up to another brand in your industry will get you nowhere with your own social media. It will only leave you feeling defeated. It’s time to celebrate your wins. Every time you get a new follower, a like, or a comment, remember how that is a real person (dumb bot accounts do not apply) engaging with your content. Or maybe you just wrote a great caption that aligns with your branding and vision and speaks to your target audience in a way you are proud of, take time to celebrate the process, every milestone, and your hard work.

Social media is just one small piece of your marketing puzzle, but it can monumentally generate leads and sales. Make social media work for your business again by utilizing these 7 tips to increase your engagement.

P.S. If you find social media overwhelming and need assistance, HALCON is here to help! We offer coaching, maintenance, and social media marketing that takes the stress out of running your social media. Reach out to us to learn more about our social media services.

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