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What is Social Listening and Why You Should Care?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Leave it to HALCON to be on the cutting edge of best marketing practices. That’s why we want to share with you a marketing tool that will elevate your strategy. Social listening has become one of our favorite assets to keep our clients ahead of the game in their industry.

So you might be asking, what even is social listening? Social listening is a tool that pulls together social media platforms, their conversations, and unique demographics to create data points that can be analyzed for REAL-TIME strategies. This data can then give you REAL and VALUABLE insight on how to address and stop guessing with your marketing.

Here are a few ways that social listening can help your marketing:

Social listening can keep you up to speed with where and how consumers are engaging with content.

These metrics can provide insights into who your target audience is, where they’re actively engaging, and the type of content they’re engaging with. Through social listening, you get access to real-time metrics for keywords your industry cares about. You can see discussions and emotions related to the industry you are researching. You gain access to rising topics, trending hashtags, influencers engaging your audience, and what other businesses they are impacted by.

Social listening helps you identify business trends to keep you proactive with your marketing.

Social listening data shows which content has been the most effective and what conversations are actively happening in your industry. This data allows you to frame your content to be precisely what your audience wants to read. Through audience insights, emotional analysis, and trend reports, you can gain an inside advantage on exactly what conversations your niche is having.

Social listening can keep you updated on what your competitors are doing.

One of the more fascinating uses of social listening is understanding how your industry competitors are performing and engaging. With real-time data, you can access what your competitors are doing monthly, weekly, and even daily. This data can include the time of day they are posting, keywords they’re utilizing, platforms they’re engaging with, and more. You can use this data to identify market gaps and create content to address the needs of your target audience before the competition does.

Social listening can give you insight on the conversations directly around your business.

Have you ever wondered what others might be saying about your business? Well, now you can find out exactly what is being said in real-time with social listening. These reports will reveal if audience sentiment and emotion, including any negative posts that reference your organization. These insights give you the opportunity to address those concerns on your own socials. Similarly, if there are positive conversations, you can use that data to support and inform your current strategies. If no conversation is happening, this can indicate a need to brainstorm on ways to get the conversation started.


The insights are endless from a tool like social listening; the above benefits are only beginning to graze the surface of an abundant wealth of knowledge. If you are curious to learn more about how a tool like Social Listening could benefit your marketing strategy, HALCON is now making this resource available for our clients and new customers.

Introducing out Step Up Your Social Bundle Program!

HALCON's Step Up Your Social Bundle combines state-of-the-art, next generation social media tools, real-world data, real-time insights and social strategy into one, cost-effective program that will help you:

  • CLARIFY your message with content that resonates with your audience

  • NURTURE relationships with your client base generating loyalty and advocacy

  • MAINTAIN a steady pipeline of prospects by learning social's role in the marketing funnel

Turn billions of consumer conversations into actionable insights on social media

We have a few spots available per month, so hurry to get signed up by registering here!

And stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where HALCON will dive deeper into the power of social listening for your business by signing up for our newsletter! We want to continue to educate you about this product and how it will benefit your overall marketing strategy.

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