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The Secret Ingredients to Grow a Healthy Brand

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The Why and How of Personalizing Your Brand

Updated: May 29, 2023

As business owners, it’s common to try to hide behind our brand name and logo. A place of business has no room for personal messaging… or does it?

Marketing is changing, and adding personal touches to your brand is more critical than ever before. Customers want to get to know the person behind the business before they invest, especially if it is a small, entrepreneurial venture.

Brand affinity comes from feeling a connection to the values and beliefs of a business, and the best way to create that connection for your customers is to share what YOU stand for.

Cold and standoff-ish marketing messages will come across as generic and inauthentic. If you want to build real brand loyalty, you need to find ways to connect with your audience.

So how can you personalize your brand? We’re sharing our two must-have tips to incorporate your personality into your brand.

Consistent Brand Voice

Your brand needs a consistent voice that conveys the tone and personality of your business across channels. A consistent voice helps your audience get to know you, and get an idea of what to expect if and when they decide to work with you.

To help cultivate your brand voice, write down key aspects of your brand’s personality and make a list of words and phrases that you will, and will not, use in your marketing. When defining your brand, it’s just as important to know what you will do as it is to know what you won’t do. Get specific! Here is a list of brand voice attributes to get you started. Which of these relate to your brand?

Brand Voice Attributes: Which describes your brand?

  • Relatable

  • Funny

  • Feminine

  • Sophisticated

  • Down to earth

  • High energy

  • Calming

  • Motivational

Show Your Face In Your Marketing

This one is so important, your customers need to know who you are, and that means showing your face from time to time! We know this step can feel scary, but building a connection with your audience requires it.

Change your profile picture on your social media from your logo to a picture of you, and make sure that your face pops up every so often in your feed, too. Make sure that you have high-quality images of yourself that you love so that you feel comfortable showing up in this way. We highly recommend getting professional brand images taken so that you always have great images on hand to choose from.

You can also personalize your brand by showing up for your audience not just in images, but in video, too! Your audience wants to hear from you, and seeing your face and hearing your voice pop up in Instagram stories and live videos will help them get to know you on such a deeper level than in captions. Developing the know-like-trust factor with your audience is so crucial to success.

Showing up on video can produce a lot of anxiety (we get it!), so read our guide on how to overcome it here.

By personalizing your brand through a cohesive and thoughtful brand voice and marketing images featuring you, you’ll build deeper connections with your audience. And when it comes to serving others, creating connections is what it is all about.

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