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Three Tips to Get the Most Bang for your Buck from a Branding Photoshoot

Investing in a Branding Photoshoot for your business may seem overwhelming for multiple reasons.

First, a quality photographer that specializes in branding shoots can seem a bit expensive. Still, it's important to remember that top-notch photography and marketing are investments in your growth, not just mere costs. There's a reason why these photographers charge more than the rest. They know what they're doing and can confidently deliver photos that reflect your brand. If you were making a dating profile for yourself, you wouldn't use mediocre images. So why be content with lackluster photography for your business?

Secondly, you may feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to expect and how to be prepared for the photoshoot. If you're investing money in great photos, you want to feel confident that every photo is usable.

For this reason, we want to arm you with three great tips to get the most bang for your buck from your branding photoshoot. Remember, a branding photoshoot is a great way to build relationships with your target audience and create valuable connections that will produce the trust needed to yield sales.

Trust the process and your photographer on shoot day, but make sure to use our tips to get ready for the big day!

1. Pinpoint your goals for the photoshoot and the photography

Is it for general use?

A specific campaign you are going to promote?

Are you using a majority of the images for your website, a print campaign or social media?

Spend some time thinking about where and how you will use these images. Once you understand your intention for the photos, you can devise a clear plan of what kind of pictures you will need.

2. What do you want the images to say about your brand?

Compile some inspiration via a Pinterest or Mood board and add brand colors and images that speak to your brand style, props, poses, packaging, etc. Add anything that visually "speaks" to your brand and can give your audience a sense of who you are. Also, pick 3-4 words that sum up what you feel your brand is about or the emotion you want your brand to evoke.

Before you schedule a branding shoot, you should have a clear idea of your social media strategy or the content layout for your print ad, website, etc. For example, if you know you'll have a web page listing all your services, then it's important to create a shot list that includes photos that speak to each of your services. Will you have an about me page that talks about your hobbies and what you like to do when you're not working? Make sure you have photos that feature you in your element.

Lastly, choose your wardrobe to complement or reinforce your brand colors. For some added inspiration, pay attention to television commercials and notice the on-air talent's attire and how it reinforces the overall brand.

Creating consistency across the board is critical, so taking these steps to prepare will keep you focused!

3. Pick a location, or locations, that vibe with your brand message.

For example, if you are a company that sells camping equipment, don't do a branding photoshoot in an urban setting. If you're a meal delivery service, don't take photos in a restaurant. You get the idea!

Scout out ideal locations in advance or ask your photographer for suggestions. Make sure your shoot location reflects your brand!


Now that we've provided you with some tips on making the most out of your branding photoshoot, it's time to schedule your photo shoot. Research a photographer and use our three tips to help you get prepared.

Once finalized how and where you plan on using the photos, create a shot list that will give your photographer a rough guide on the types of imagery you need, so nothing slips through the cracks.


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