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Three Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign Execution

Updated: Jun 3

So you have this really cool product launch or giveaway coming up and you're dying to tell the world about it...

Before you do, STOP, WAIT, and THINK.

We are all really excited to announce the wonderful things we are working on, but isn't it more important to reach the right folks at the right time?

All the hard work you put into your project deserves a big BAM! WOOT! and WOW! from the world, so you have to stop and make sure you're doing everything you can to reach the folks that will find the most value in what you're offering.

This is where you craft a marketing campaign that the world will follow and remember. The best marketing campaigns are strategic, planned, and thoughtful. A campaign taps into an array of tactics and platforms and utilizes the power of content to get people engaged and excited to hear more about your goals, products, services, and news.

Your marketing campaign cannot be executed on a whim otherwise this "big thing" you're about to announce will fall on deaf ears.

So friends, before you get social media happy and tell the world about your big news right NOW, read the post below highlighting three key things you should be thinking about when planning and executing your campaign.

Question One: Are you launching at the right time?

This is an outlandish example, but I think it conveys my point...

Imagine announcing your newest summer collection in December. Is your audience really thinking about summer when they haven't even whipped out their heaviest winter coats yet? Probably not. This wouldn't be the best time to announce anything relating to summer, right? Everyone is too excited about the holidays to worry about what their outfits will be on the beach. Use this same mode of thinking when you're tempted to make a big announcement without thinking ahead and utilizing a marketing campaign to increase awareness for your new product, service or news.

These are two key questions (I know, more questions!) to ask yourself:

  1. Am I launching in the right season based on market and consumer research and data?

  2. Have I given myself enough time to prep and promote my campaign?

Remember, marketing isn't about making decisions based on "what you think" people like, do, or want. You need to base your next steps on qualitative and quantitative data. Brainstorming with colleagues is great, but also check out your social media analytics, survey your past or current customers, analyze your Google data and make sure all your decisions are not mere guesses!

Bonus tip: Don't start planning a big announcement or marketing campaign when you're done with the project and ready to announce the big news. When you have something cool you're working on, think ahead. When are you planning on completing this project? What is your deadline? When are you planning to announce it? And then reverse engineer a marketing plan to help promote the big news.

Question Two: Do you know you you're talking to?

Remember, your campaigns should address your target customer's problems, needs or wants BUT this doesn't necessarily mean it's the same problem, need, or want for each and every campaign.

In order to create a memorable campaign that will RESONATE, you need to think ahead and address your target consumer's concerns before they even think them, and conceptualize a promotion that makes them feel genuinely heard.lking service and you just signed the lease for a brand new building so you can expand into doggy daycare/dog boarding. In the past, you may have been crafting content and campaigns focused on clients who want a more personalized experience for their pups hence 1:1 dog walking. Now, you have to pivot your message to appeal to those who already have their dogs in dog boarding but at a different company or owners who assume doggy daycare means no one-on-one time for their pets.

  • How can you tailor your message to ease the worries of your new target customers?

  • Why is your doggy daycare different than what else is out there?

  • How will you continue to give personalized service?

  • How can you display the above things in a clever and memorable campaign to announce your new business venture?

In order to create a memorable campaign that will RESONATE, you need to think ahead and address your target consumer's concerns before they even think of them and conceptualize a promotion that makes them feel genuinely heard.

Question Three: Do you have a content strategy and the appropriate funnels in place?

It's crucial to have a strategic plan in place, which includes an outline of which marketing tactics and platforms you are going to utilize to get the word out on your big news.

Let's say you feel overwhelmed and it seems like you're not being strategic with what you're doing... it's okay to press pause. It's better to push your launch than to proceed without having a firm strategy in place.

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself when it's time to finally get the wheels in motion and publish content promoting your initiative.

  • Which tactics will resonate with your ideal client?

  • Which platforms are they on?

  • Do you have an ads budget? If so, how much?

  • Which platforms will be covered in your budget?

  • Do you have a content calendar for each platform?

  • Do you know exactly who you're talking to on each platform?

  • Do you have the appropriate sales funnels in place so you can capture leads and keep the conversations going?

Don't freak out! There are a lot of things to think about when you're launching a campaign, but if you start asking yourself the right questions, you will be further along than your competitors. You don't have to do EVERYTHING and be on EVERY PLATFORM. Think about where your target client spends his/her time and focus on delivering value there.

As always, we're here if you need help or have any questions!

With Gratitude,

Most businesses lack the budget to hire an in-house marketing team or the time and expertise to execute marketing campaigns. HALCON makes impactful brand storytelling and stunning design accessible for all businesses and budgets. Learn more atwww.halconmarketing.com.

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