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How to Write Copy that Converts

Updated: May 29, 2023

Do you want to create more effective content on your website, social media, or advertising that motivates your audience to take action? It all starts with having a good copy.

Copywriting is nothing less than an art form, which requires practice and a lot of trial and error to get right. But with a few simple practices, you can write better copy that speaks to your audience.

In today’s blog, we are sharing our top five tips to improve your copy and convert your marketing content into sales.

1. Know Your Audience

The foundation of copywriting is being able to speak to your target audience. We suggest creating personas for your brand to get a better understanding of your ideal client. How old are they? What do they value? How do they make purchase decisions?

Having a clear picture of your audience, through the creation of a persona, will make it easier to speak directly to that person in your copy.

2. Create a Conversation

While the goal of most of your copy is trying to sell in some shape or form, we suggest thinking of your copy first and foremost as a conversation.

When communicating with your customers, it’s important to use words and a tone of voice that will resonate with them. This includes slang, grammar, and formality.

By using the language of your customer in your copy, you will connect with them and make them feel seen.

3. Emphasize Value

It is easy to get focused on talking about your product and all of its attributes. Instead, use your copy to speak to the value your customer will get by using your product. This will help them see the desired end-state.

4. Focus on Format

Writing strong copy is not only about the words on the page. It’s critical to consider the accompanying graphics and overall layout that will influence the attention of the reader.

One easy way to accomplish this is to break up your content into easy, digestible chunks. For instance creating lists (like how this blog post is structured), using bullet points, or creating infographics are all great ways to break up your content.

Remember that audiences love to skim, so make sure your key points are easy to find!

5. Include a Call to Action

All copy should include a call to action that inspires the reader to do something. This could be commenting on your post, clicking a link to your website, downloading a freebie, or signing up for your email list.

No matter what the action is, tt's important here to again emphasize the value that the reader will get by taking action.

If you are offering a free social media guide, instead of saying simply “Download” you might say “Get your 5 free social media templates”. This is specific and emphasizes the value of the offering.


Once you start incorporating these five easy tips into all of your copy, it will become second-nature. Are you ready to reinvigorate your copy?

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