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Drive Engagement with Custom Instagram Stickers

Updated: May 29, 2023

We’ve all come to know and love Instagram stickers and the endless GIF options they offer, but did you know that you can also create your own stickers? Custom stickers for your brand are an amazing way to maintain your brand personality on social media and drive more engagement with your followers.

We’re breaking down why you should consider making custom Instagram stickers for your brand, and the easy process to make them!

Maintain your Brand Identity

Instagram stories are an important component of any social media marketing strategy and are a great way to connect with your followers. Have you ever searched through GIFs for what seems like hours before finding one that will work with your content? With your own stickers made, that problem goes away.

Having your own custom stickers allows you to up your game by incorporating fun elements into your stories that maintain the cohesive colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic of your brand. You’ll build more brand recognition too with your stickers showing up consistently in your stories.

Drive Engagement

When you have custom stickers on Instagram, anyone can find and use your stickers. By encouraging your audience to use them, you’ll expose their followers to your brand. Plus, you can get exposed to an even broader audience when other users incorporate your stickers because your stickers always link back to you. Pretty great, right?

How to Create Custom Instagram Stickers

To have your custom stickers show up on Instagram, you need to have a GIPHY brand account. There are a few key guidelines for this outline here. The important ones to note are that you need at least 5 custom stickers, which means fresh stickers that don’t yet exist, and you need an email address linked to your domain.

Design Your Stickers

Although there are ways to do this yourself, we recommend working with a designer to create your stickers. This will ensure they look professional and match your branding. We’ve been building lots of stickers for our clients lately, and we absolutely love how they are turning out! Below are a set of custom stickers we made for our client Simple Space.

Your stickers can be anything that relates to your brand. We suggest always having a sticker of your logo because you will use that a lot. The other stickers can be sayings relevant to your brand and images. We recently made an avatar for one of our clients, so unique and another way to build connection with your followers.

Apply for a Brand Account

Once you have your stickers made, it’s time to upload them to GIPHY and apply to be a brand account. You will tag each sticker with a few keywords that describe the sticker. These words are how your stickers will get found on Instagram, so make sure to use words that accurately describe the sticker and relate to your brand.

Once approved, your stickers will be live on Instagram! Woo-hoo! Tell your followers about them and start incorporating them into your stories.

Are you ready to make your own custom Instagram stickers? Contact us to get started!

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