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5 Tips for Selecting Font

Updated: May 29, 2023

Typography plays a key role in establishing the look and feel of a piece of content. Whether you are deciding on a font for your brand or creating a specific piece of content, picking the right font is crucial.

Here are five tips to consider when selecting a font for your brand or project.

1. Readability

This probably seems obvious, but your font needs to be legible! Some font types like cursive are fun and creative, but can be hard to read. Make sure your font doesn’t detract from the actual word you are sharing.

2. Digital-friendly

If you are developing a piece of content that will be shared digitally, you’ll want to choose a web-safe font. Custom fonts can’t always be ready by certain browsers or email providers, so using a custom font might result in a distorted product. Using a web-safe font ensures that the final product will look as beautiful to your audience as it does in the original design.

3. Don’t go Overboard

Fonts are fun, and you might be tempted to incorporate a lot of different options, but this can end up being distracting. Remember, the font you choose should support your content, not detract from it.

Usually, two to three fonts are sufficient for any piece of content. If you need more distinction, try using different weights, styles, and sizes of the font to make elements stand out.

4. Serif or Sans Serif?

The two key categories of fonts are serif and sans serif. Serif has decorative elements on the ends of the font (like Times New Roman), while sans serif is a clean and simplistic font (such as Montserrat).

Either type will work, and it really comes down to preference. Consider the brand (are you traditional and established, or fresh and modern?) and the use.

5. Pick a font with many weights

The last main consideration to consider when selecting your font, is to make sure it has several options. A font with bold, semi-bold, and italic are the minimum here. If this font is going to represent your brand, you need to have options when it comes to using it.

We also suggest trying out the font in multiple styles and sizes to make sure you like the look in different applications.

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