From brand development and website design to social media management and content creation, HALCON is a boutique marketing agency that gives small businesses the tools and strategies to tell their narratives effectively.

Whether you're creating a brand from scratch or reinventing your brand, we utilize key insights from a series of workshops and interviews to create your brand's visual identity and overall messaging.

From graphic design to videography, there is no limit to what we can conceptualize and execute for your business. Hire us for one project or let us become your creative agency.

Your marketing strategy is the map that takes you to your journey’s end. We use our expertise to guide you to your final destination and show you the strategies you need to implement to get there.

With over 12 years of experience collaborating with national brands, advising local small businesses on strategy and working for some of the top media networks and marketing agencies in the country, Nicole has a wealth of knowledge gained from experience on the field. Her diverse background gives her a fresh perspective on how to "do marketing." Nicole thanks her life journey for giving her the ability to tap into a variety of different audiences through thoughtful and targeted campaigns.

As small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs, you and your employees wear many hats already and don’t have the bandwidth to make marketing a top priority; nor do you have the big marketing budgets to hire a

full-service agency to tackle your day-to-day marketing needs.

At Halcon, we understand how scary the term “marketing” can be for the busy, multi-tasking entrepreneur. Effective marketing is a crucial part of what makes a business successful and it is oftentimes overlooked, and considered the dispensable line item on yearly budgets. We will empower you to tackle your company's marketing objectives with enthusiasm. We will help you focus and lay out the marketing plan that fits your needs and objectives in a clear,

easy-to-follow and digestible manner. You can finally make marketing a priority and stand out from the pack.

Marketing Agency St. Louis


"In addition to Nicole being one of the most positive people we have ever have the privilege of working with, she has a profound ability to "get" our business.  She has already had a positive impact not only on my business but also my team.  They are more motivated than every to help our company grow and to strengthen our brand. Nicole is insightful, creative and the right person to have on your team."

Debbie Rudawsky, Owner, Town & Country Bridal and Formalwear

Marketing Agency St. Louis


Are you ready to elevate your marketing? 

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