Image by Nick Adams

Hyde Woodworking & Design

Branding + Website Design 

The Client

Hyde Woodworking & Design is a small business that specializes in custom woodworking projects.

The Project

We were inspired by Hyde Woodworking & Design’s mission to create handcrafted products made from natural materials. Rather than mask the grains and patterns of the wood, they consistently enhanced and emphasized them by allowing the natural beauty of their materials shine through. The company is also dedicated to using materials that are nontoxic and safe for adults, children and pets as much as possible.


The Results

We created a sleek logo using the digital painting technique for a more natural look. In addition, the Hyde website is now modern, clean and creative just like their wooden creations. The Hyde brand showcases the Olive Tree - an object that means a lot to the craftsman, Will, and his family.

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Brand Photography: Abbie Takes Pictures + Videography: McElroy Commercial Photography

122 N. Kirkwood Rd. #207

St. Louis, MO 63122