• Nicole Powell

This ONE Thing to Avoid in Your Marketing

I drive this home with all of my clients and anyone who needs advice about their marketing and brand message, because it’s a mistake that I see companies large and small make.

You might be doing this without even knowing it, and I can promise you that it is affecting the number of people you are reaching with your messaging.

So what is the ONE thing to avoid in your marketing? Being confusing!

It seems simple (and really it is!) but I see businesses struggle with it all the time. Especially for all of us small business owners out there, we tend to want to be everything for everyone. It usually happens because we are just so passionate about what we do that we want to do more, more, more!

Wanting to do more isn’t a bad thing, but it CAN over-complicate our message. Oftentimes this ends up having the opposite effect by repelling instead of attracting our target market.

Let’s get specific with this: Imagine your ideal customers, the ones who would be the perfect fit for the product or service you offer. If your messaging is trying to speak to everyone or everything, these ideal customers may actually end up missing the message. There are so many messages going on that they can’t hear the message that is right for them.

If your message is too confusing, clever, or convoluted; your audience is going to miss the point.

The solution to this problem is so simple: Be Clear! Get specific on what you are offering and what your audience will get out of using your product or service.

Share your differentiating factors and be upfront. No hidden meanings, no searching for attributes, or deciphering clever phrasing. Just keep it simple and you’ll start to attract the right customers who value what you have to offer.

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